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Julio César

Julio Cesar has more than 10 years of professional experience, mainly in civil and commercial litigation, and constitutional remedies (amparo) derived from such civil and commercial procedures. His experience includes more than 7 years advising and representing clients in oral trials, in bankruptcies, in civil and strict liability, and punitive damages matters. Julio César is also a private mediator trained and certified by the Office of the Attorney General in Arizona, United States of America.

Julio César's experience has been mainly related to the Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Retail, and Banking industries. Julio César was chosen by the Young ICCA to participate as a mentee in the 2021-2022 cycle of the “Young ICCA Arbitration Mentoring Program”.

  • Education
    • Master of Legal Studies. University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law (2018).
    • Juris Doctor (JD). Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City, Mexico (2015).
  • Practice Areas • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Rankings