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Corporate and project finance


Corporate and project finance

  • Advice on infrastructure projects and project finance, including structuring, documenting and implementing contracts and collateral with private and public parties, coordination of international projects, advice and expertise in Mexican laws, including trade and customs.
  • Advice on the drafting, application and structuring of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) legislation and financing of PPP projects.
  • Advice on energy sector projects, especially with regards to developing renewable energy sources within the Mexican and other Latin American legal frameworks and financing of the projects.
  • Assistance with corporate and acquisition financing.
  • Advice on intragroup financing structuring.
  • Expertise in industry sectors, including security, roads and transportation, real estate, general infrastructure, water treatment, manufacturing, and automotive.
  • Advice on financing and implementation of finance contracts in complex transactions as well as in day to day matters.
  • Assistance with vendor and supplier financing.
  • Advice on commercial banking and credit facilities.
  • Assistance with the restructure of stock exchange listed bonds.
  • Advice on capital and debt placements in the securities and over-the-counter market.
  • Representation in work outs & debt restructuring transactions.
  • Daniel Nájera de los Santos
  • Debby R. McKey Durán
  • Jaime Israel Moreno Treviño
  • Lourdes González Rosete
  • Luis Orlando Pérez Gutiérrez
  • Marisol González Echeverría
  • Ricardo Martínez González