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Energy, natural resources and environmental


Energy, natural resources and environmental

  • Advice on electric energy projects, both conventional and renewable, including due diligence; mergers and acquisitions; joint ventures; public bids, procurement; financing; preparation of contracts in general, and in particular engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts, enforcement of legacy contracts (contratos legados) and procedures to modify self-supply energy schemes (PPA), financed public works (OPF), and generation under the Electricity Industry Act.
  • Advice on Wholesale Electricity Market operations and activities.
  • Advice on public bids, procurement, public and private contracting and hydrocarbon projects (upstream, midstream and downstream); including counsel on contracting with the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH), For-Profit State Companies and private sector participants.
  • Legal advice in matters related to the issuance and renewal of mining concessions, and proceedings before federal, state and municipal authorities.
  • Tax planning and labor structuring for companies engaged in energy or mining projects.
  • Advice on corporate governance, regulatory compliance and anti-corruption matters.
  • Assistance in regulatory and environmental issues, including obtaining federal, state or municipal permits for oil and electricity projects.
  • Resolution of disputes involving entities in the energy industry or mining industry, in civil, commercial, administrative, tax, labor and environmental matters.
  • Alfredo Villarreal Hansmann
  • Luis Orlando Perez Gutierrez
  • Claudia Georgina García González
  • Marisa Romero Martínez
  • Max Ernesto Hernandez Ernult
  • Tania Trejo Galvez


We are the best in the area

“Sánchez Devanny provides ‘the highest level’ of service, and achieves ‘an excellent price/benefit ratio’. It has ‘incredible expertise in energy matters’, and an understanding of the ‘fiscal, financial and technical factors that make it possible to provide a solution that fits the bill’. ” -Legal 500

“The firm has a highly motivated and qualified team. They always try to be one step further ahead than you expect. They maintain very good relations with all the government sectors, in order to provide to the clients the best recommendations coming from the highest ranks. You can always rely on them. What this firm puts in the deal is the very first hand information for new regulations and fine details that can change everything in terms of law.” -IFLR

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