Practice areas
Life sciences
Life sciences

  • Advice regarding regulation (including Mexican Official Standards (NOM) or Mexican Standards (NMX)), contracting, internal auditing, and implications on M&A processes regarding pharmaceutical products and related substances; restricted substances; medical devices (including nuclear safeguards); products posing health risks for humans, animals, or plants; food and beverages; dietary supplements; cosmetic products; tobacco products; and alcoholic beverages.
  • Advice on requirements for manufacturing, supply, distribution, marketing, importation, and advertising of products subject to health requirements and acquisition of permits, authorizations, notices, and registrations before health authorities.
  • Advice on prohibited acts in sales of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other products by government related doctors or other health personnel.
  • Advice on clinical trials and research related to human advice on animal health.
  • Representation in litigation related to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and beverages, tobacco, and cosmetics.
  • Lobbying and negotiation with authorities regarding amendments or changes to applicable provisions.
  • Advice on requirements regarding animal processing premises including federal standard slaughterhouses.
  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements for industries subject to regulatory compliance including: raw material processing, manufacturing, hosting, supply, licensing, marketing, and distribution.

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