By Energy Industry Group | June 13, 2024
Strategic Natural Gas Storage Bidding
Strategic Natural Gas Storage Bidding

The National Center for Natural Gas Control (“CENAGAS”) will soon launch a bidding for the provision of the short-term strategic natural gas storage service by third parties. In accordance with the Public Policy on Natural Gas Storage, the first bidding process is conducted by CENAGAS and is limited to fields previously deemed economically unviable for hydrocarbon extraction (that is, exhausted, closed, or marginal in their production fields), in this case the Jaf Field.

Therefore, CENAGAS opens to the general public for comment the preliminary bidding bases for the award of the contract for the Reception Service, Storage in an economically unviable field for the extraction of hydrocarbons, and Delivery of natural gas to the National Integrated Natural Gas Transportation and Storage System (SISTRANGAS). 

The consultation will last from May 15 to June 30, 2024. During this period, interested parties will be able to send their comments. At the end of this period, CENAGAS will evaluate the comments received and make the modifications and clarifications it deems pertinent to request the Energy Regulatory Commission's approval of the bidding rules.

To review the preliminary bidding rules and the corresponding contract model, please consult here.

If you require legal advice in this regard, our team of specialists are at your disposal to provide legal services tailored to your needs.

This newsletter was prepared by José Antonio Postigo-Uribe ([email protected]), Max Ernesto Hernández-Ernult, ([email protected]), Tania Elizabeth Trejo-Gálvez ( and  Malcolm Hemmer-Rebolledo ([email protected]).

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