By Alfredo Kupfer, Fermín Lecumberri and Sebastián Rosales | April 20, 2023
Challenges and Opportunities in Labor Matters for 2023 | White Paper (article in Spanish)
Challenges and Opportunities in Labor Matters for 2023 | White Paper (article in Spanish)

Article and White Paper in Spanish.

For the last few years in our country, some Labor Reforms have been carried out, which have substantially modified the way in which companies manage relations with their collaborators both directly and through a union, which is why in Sánchez Devanny we gave ourselves the task of carrying out an investigation that would allow us to better understand what are the main challenges that, in labor matters, companies with operations in Mexico will be facing during this 2023.

We invite you to read the interesting report on the results of the study, "Labor Challenges and Opportunities for 2023" (study in Spanish), in which we briefly summarize the current situation of medium-sized and large companies in our country regarding issues such as labor regulations, labor obligations derived from union relations, labor obligations derived from the entry into force of the USMCA, NOM035, teleworking, among other relevant topics.

We are sure that this Whitepaper will serve as a reference to make a self-assessment of the current situation in your companies regarding each of these issues, which will provide you with an overview of those issues that require your immediate attention.

We remind you that our team of specialists in this field is at your disposal in case you have any questions regarding the study or the impact of these issues on your companies.

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