By Sánchez Devanny | April 28, 2023
Sánchez Devanny announces new business model and client centric strate
Sánchez Devanny announces new business model and client centric strate

Sánchez Devanny has been working since 2021 to change its operating structure towards a focus focused on our clients. Eliminating practice silos, promoting a collaborative work business model and aligning the interest of every professional to ensure the entire firm and its practitioners revolved around delivering the best legal services in the market, disrupting the status quo.

This alignment implied a significant shift in the Partners' compensation formula. Implementing this shift ensures our commitment to strengthening our long-term talent growth providing opportunities for professional development and growth, with strict acknowledgement of an ethical, diverse, and inclusive merit structure.

To accompany us through this process of evolution, the firm has taken advice from top internationally well-known professionals who are academically and professionally recognized as the market leaders.

A majority of almost 80% of the firm’s Partners agreed on this new client centric cooperation model. However, as in all organizations, change entails the reaction of some team members who do not share this new work philosophy. To those who decided not to embrace it, we wish them well in their professional careers, and thank them for their years of service at the Firm.

Sánchez Devanny, all our practices and teams, remain serving our clients, and will continue working and strengthening ourselves to respond to the trust of our clients with the transparency and ethics that characterize us.


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Leonardo Torres | Head of Marketing, Communications and Business Development

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