By Sánchez Devanny | December 20, 2023
We advised Daimler México on its First Bond Issuance
We advised Daimler México on its First Bond Issuance

Our talented team of lawyers advised Daimler México, S.A. de C.V. in its inaugural issuance of bond certificates. This event marked a significant financial milestone, solidifying Daimler's position in the market and strengthening its financial standing.

Guiding our client through this process were our leading in the Capital Markets practice, José Berrueta Ochoa, with the key involvement of our senior associate, Carlos Matsui Zayas, and our law clerk, Joaquín García Pimentel Borja.

The legal counsel from our team played a crucial role in structuring and executing this issuance, ensuring regulatory compliance, and safeguarding Daimler's interests.

The success of this transaction underscores Sánchez Devanny's unwavering commitment to providing innovative and strategic legal solutions in substantial financial dealings.

Note: Specific details of the legal advice and challenges overcome remain confidential due to the private nature of the transaction.



José Berrueta-Ochoa


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Carlos Matsui-Zayas

Senior Associate

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Joaquin Garcia-Pimentel Borja

Law clerk

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