Practice areas
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Audit and review of all documents supporting the client’s commercial and credit operations (purchase and sell agreements, purchase orders, and policies) to ensure enforceability.
  • Analysis and improvement of company protocols to reduce payment and delivery default risks.
  • Mediation and conciliation procedures before beginning a judicial or arbitration process.
  • Execution of extrajudicial strategies for collections and contractual compliance.
  • General consultation with in-house counsels regarding litigation, contractual compliance, enforceability of clauses, etc.
  • Preliminary analysis to determine the feasibility of collection through exhaustive search of goods that could be attached.
  • Representation in all kinds of civil, commercial, family, administrative, agrarian, insolvency, and constitutional disputes (amparo).
  • Representation in disputes derived from contracts, commercial relations, public bids, leasing, negotiable instruments (e.g., promissory notes), insolvency and bankruptcy procedures, debt restructuring, family and civil relations, mortgages, and ex parte proceedings.
  • Assistance with the service, acknowledgement, and execution of notices, citations, and resolutions issued abroad in accordance with Mexican and International Law (including the Hague Convention).
  • Expert legal advice on Mexican Law for judicial and arbitration proceedings abroad.
  • Involvement in arbitration procedures as parties or arbitrators.

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